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The Potter and the Clay

This is a simplified version of the Bible story found in Jeremiah 18:1-10, written for children to understand. For the original version, please refer to the Bible passage.

Once there was a prophet named Jeremiah who lived a long time ago in the land of Israel. He was chosen by God to speak His words to the people. Despite facing many challenges and opposition, Jeremiah remained faithful to his calling and continued to share God’s messages with the Israelites.

One day, God sent Jeremiah on a special mission to visit a potter. The potter was busy making a beautiful vase on his spinning wheel. But suddenly, something went wrong, and the vase became ruined. The potter wasn’t happy with his work and decided to start over. He took the clay and made a brand new vase that turned out even better than the first one.

God used this to teach Jeremiah a lesson. He said, “Just like how the potter remade the clay, I can do the same with you, Israel. You are like clay in my hands. If I plan to punish a nation, but that nation turns away from its bad ways, then I will change my mind and not bring harm to them. And if I plan to bless a nation, but that nation disobeys me, then I will not bring them blessings.”

Biblical Lessons

  • God has complete control over everything and can change his plans.
  • We should turn away from our bad ways and listen to God’s voice.
  • God can turn our mistakes into something better.

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