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Naaman Healed of Leprosy

This is a simplified version of the Bible story found in 2 Kings 5, written for children to understand. For the original version, please refer to the Bible passage.

Once there was a man named Naaman who was a big commander in Syria’s army. He was very good at fighting, but he had a problem called leprosy, which made his skin look very bad. One day, a little girl who had been taken from the land of Israel and was working for Naaman’s wife, told her mistress about a prophet in Samaria who could heal Naaman’s leprosy.

Naaman went to his king and asked for help, and the king sent a letter to the king of Israel. The king of Israel didn’t know what to do, but a man of God named Elisha heard about it and told the king to send Naaman to him. When Naaman arrived at Elisha’s house, Elisha told him to go and wash in the Jordan River seven times. Naaman was upset because he thought Elisha would do something more special to heal him, but his servants encouraged him to do what Elisha said, and when Naaman obeyed, his skin was healed, and he was completely clean.

After Naaman was healed, he went back to Elisha’s house to thank him. Naaman wanted to give Elisha a present, but Elisha said no. However, Elisha’s servant Gehazi was greedy and wanted a present, so he followed Naaman and lied to him, saying that Elisha had changed his mind and wanted a gift. Naaman gave him the gift, but Elisha found out what happened and cursed Gehazi with Naaman’s leprosy.

Biblical Lessons

  • God can heal any disease, no matter how serious it is.
  • We should trust in God’s plan, even if we don’t understand it.
  • Greed and lying can lead to serious consequences.
  • God is merciful to those who come to Him in faith and repentance.

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