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The Birth of Esau and Jacob

This is a simplified version of the Bible story found in Genesis 25:19-26, written for children to understand. For the original version, please refer to the Bible passage.

Isaac was the son of Abraham, and when he was forty years old, he married a woman named Rebekah. They wanted to have children, but for a while, Rebekah couldn’t get pregnant. So Isaac prayed to God to help them.

God heard Isaac’s prayer and soon Rebekah became pregnant with not one, but two babies! But the babies inside her tummy would often fight and kick each other, which made Rebekah worried. She decided to ask God why this was happening.

God spoke to Rebekah and told her that the two babies she was carrying would grow up to be two different nations and that they would always be in conflict with each other. The older twin would serve the younger one.

After some time, it was time for Rebekah to give birth. The first baby was a boy, and he was all red and hairy, so they named him Esau. Then, the second baby was born, and he was holding onto Esau’s foot when he came out, so they named him Jacob.

Esau grew up to be a skillful hunter, while Jacob liked to stay at home and cook. As the boys grew older, their personalities became more different, and the conflict between them grew stronger.

Rebekah gave birth to them when Isaac was sixty years old.

Biblical Lessons

  • God listens to our prayers, and sometimes He answers them in unexpected ways.
  • Even when things don’t make sense, we can trust that God has a plan for us.
  • Sibling rivalry can cause problems, but we can always choose to forgive and love each other.

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