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Defeat of Sihon and Og

This is a simplified version of the Bible story found in Numbers 21:21-35, written for children to understand. For the original version, please refer to the Bible passage.

Once upon a time, the Israelites were traveling through the land of the Amorites on their journey to the Promised Land. They came to the kingdom of Sihon, and they sent messengers to him, saying, “We come in peace. Please let us pass through your land without any trouble. We won’t even drink from your wells or eat from your fields.” But Sihon refused to let the Israelites pass through his land, so he gathered all his people and went out to fight against them.

The Israelites were frightened, but they knew that God was with them. They put their trust in the Lord and went out to meet Sihon’s army. The two sides clashed in a fierce battle, but the Israelites fought bravely and with determination. With the help of God, they defeated Sihon and his army with the edge of the sword.

After the battle, the Israelites took over Sihon’s land, which extended from the Arnon River to the Jabbok River. They conquered all the cities of the Amorites, including Heshbon, and all its villages. Heshbon was the city of Sihon, who had previously conquered the land of the Moabites. Then, the Israelites sang a song to celebrate their victory.

Later, the Israelites came to the land of Bashan, which was ruled by a king named Og. Og was afraid of the Israelites, so he gathered his army to fight them. But God spoke to Moses and told him not to be afraid, because he had given Og and his people into the Israelites’ hands, just like he had with Sihon.

So the Israelites went to battle once again, and with God’s help, they defeated Og and his army. They conquered all of Bashan, and the Israelites took over all of Og’s land. The Lord had given them victory over their enemies, and the Israelites celebrated this by singing songs of praise and thanksgiving.

Biblical Lessons

  • Trust in the Lord and have faith, even in times of fear and uncertainty.
  • God can give us strength and help us to overcome our enemies, both physical and spiritual.
  • Respect other people’s property and seek peaceful solutions to conflicts whenever possible.
  • When we experience victory, it’s important to give thanks to God and celebrate his goodness.

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