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The Sun Stands Still

This is a simplified version of the Bible story found in Joshua 10:1-15, written for children to understand. For the original version, please refer to the Bible passage.

Once upon a time, the Israelites were led by a great leader named Joshua. They were on a journey to find a new home because their old one wasn’t safe anymore. As they traveled, they met many different groups of people, some of whom were friendly, but others were not.

One of the unfriendly groups was a collection of kings who were afraid of the Israelites. They decided to band together and attack the city of Gibeon, which had made peace with Joshua and his people.

When the people of Gibeon heard about the attack, they sent a message to Joshua asking for help. Joshua knew he had to act quickly, so he and his army set out for Gibeon. God spoke to Joshua and told him not to be afraid because God would help them win the battle.

So Joshua and his army fought against the five kings and their armies. God helped them by sending large hailstones from the sky to hit the enemy soldiers. This made them very scared, and they started running away.

But the battle wasn’t over yet. Joshua knew that the enemy could regroup and come back, so he asked God for something incredible. He asked God to make the sun and moon stand still so that they would have more time to fight.

The sun and moon stopped moving and stayed in the sky for a whole day, until Joshua and his army had won the battle.

Biblical Lessons

  • God is all-powerful and can help us overcome our enemies.
  • We should not be afraid because God is always with us.
  • We should always ask God for help and give thanks for His help.

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