Saul Chosen to Be King

This is a simplified version of the Bible story found in 1 Samuel 9, written for children to understand. For the original version, please refer to the Bible passage.

Once upon a time, there was a man named Kish who had a son named Saul. Saul was very handsome and taller than most people. One day, Kish’s donkeys got lost, so he asked Saul to look for them. Saul and his servant searched many places but couldn’t find the donkeys. Saul started to worry that his father would be more concerned about them than the donkeys. Then the servant suggested they go to a man of God in the city because he might be able to help them.

Saul and the servant went to the city and met some young women who told them the man of God was there. They went to the man of God, whose name was Samuel, and asked for his help. Samuel knew that Saul was the man that God had chosen to be the king of Israel, but Saul did not know this. The day before Saul arrived, the Lord had spoken to Samuel and told him that he would send a man from the land of Benjamin who would become the prince of Israel and save his people from the Philistines. Samuel recognized Saul as the chosen one when he saw him.

Samuel invited Saul to eat with him and told him not to worry about the lost donkeys because they had been found. The next morning, Samuel told Saul that God had chosen him to be the king of Israel and anointed him with oil. Samuel explained to Saul what God’s plan was for him and how he would lead his people. Saul was surprised and asked why God would choose him, a Benjaminite and from the humblest clan of his tribe.

After the anointing, Samuel gave Saul some signs to show that God had chosen him. Then, Samuel sent Saul and his servant on their way, but not before revealing to Saul the word of God. Samuel instructed Saul to wait for him to tell the servant to pass on before him, so that he could make known the word of God to Saul alone.

Biblical Lessons

  • God has a plan for each of us, and He can use anyone to accomplish His plan.
  • We should seek God’s guidance when we need help.
  • We should trust in God’s plans for our lives.
  • We should be obedient to God’s calling.

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