Paul Goes to Jerusalem

This is a simplified version of the Bible story found in Acts 21:1-26, written for children to understand. For the original version, please refer to the Bible passage.

Paul was traveling to different places to tell people about Jesus. One day, he and his friends sailed to a few different places and finally landed in Tyre where they stayed for seven days.

While they were there, some of their friends told Paul not to go to Jerusalem because the Holy Spirit had warned them that it wasn’t safe. But Paul was determined to go, even though his friends begged him not to.

After they had finished their time in Tyre, they continued on their journey. Their friends and their families came with them to see them off until they were outside the city. They knelt down together on the beach and prayed before saying goodbye to each other. Then, they got on the ship and they returned home.

So, they continued on their journey and arrived at Caesarea where they stayed with a man named Philip who had four unmarried daughters who prophesied.

Then a prophet named Agabus came and told Paul that he would be captured and taken to the Gentiles if he went to Jerusalem. Agabus took Paul’s belt and tied up his own feet and hands to show him what would happen.

This scared Paul’s friends even more, but Paul was brave and said he was willing to die for Jesus. He said, “I am ready not only to be imprisoned but even to die in Jerusalem for the name of the Lord Jesus.”

They finally arrived in Jerusalem, where they were welcomed by the brothers. The next day, Paul went to talk to James and the elders. He told them about his work spreading the good news about Jesus to Gentiles. James and the elders were happy to hear about Paul’s work and praised God.

However, some people were upset with Paul because they thought he was telling other Jews to stop following the law. James and the elders suggested that Paul show everyone that he still followed the law by taking part in a purification ceremony with four other men.

They said, “Take these men and purify yourself along with them and pay their expenses, so that they may shave their heads. Thus all will know that there is nothing in what they have been told about you, but that you yourself also live in observance of the law. But as for the Gentiles who have believed, we have sent a letter with our judgment that they should abstain from what has been sacrificed to idols, and from blood, and from what has been strangled, and from sexual immorality.”

Paul agreed and they all went to the temple to make their offerings.

Biblical Lessons

  • We should be brave and do what God wants us to do, even if it’s scary.
  • Our faith may be tested, but we should remain steadfast and trust in God’s plan.
  • God’s love and grace are available to everyone, regardless of their background or past mistakes.
  • The unity of believers, despite their differences, can lead to the spread of the Gospel and bring glory to God.

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