David and Achish

This is a simplified version of the Bible story found in 1 Samuel 27:1 – 28:3, 29:1-11, written for children to understand. For the original version, please refer to the Bible passage.

Once upon a time, there was a man named David who was being chased by a king named Saul. David was scared that Saul would find him and hurt him, so he decided to run away to a different country called the land of the Philistines. David and six hundred men who were with him went to see the king of the Philistines, named Achish. David and his men lived with Achish and his family, and even brought their own families with them, too.

David asked Achish if he could have a place to live in one of the small towns in the country instead of living in the big city with the king. Achish agreed, and David went to live in a place called Ziklag.

David and his men were still warriors and they continued to fight, but instead of fighting for Israel, they fought for the Philistines. They went on raids against people who lived nearby, but David was sneaky and didn’t let anyone live to tell about it. He would take all the animals and clothes he could find and bring them back to Achish. Achish trusted David and thought he would always be his servant.

One day, the Philistines got ready to fight against Israel, and Achish asked David and his men to go with them. But some of the other leaders of the Philistines didn’t want David to come. They remembered how great of a warrior David was for Israel, and they didn’t want him to turn against them. They said that if David fought with them, he might become their enemy and hurt them in the battle. So, Achish told David he couldn’t come and fight with the Philistines. David was confused and asked why, but Achish told him he had to go back to Ziklag.

Biblical Lessons

  • We should be careful who we associate with and make sure we’re not compromising our values or beliefs.
  • Honesty and integrity are important, even in challenging circumstances.
  • It’s important to trust in God’s protection and not put our trust in other people or things.

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