Jesus Walks on the Water

This is a simplified version of the Bible story found in Mark 6:45-52, written for children to understand. For the original version, please refer to the Bible passage.

Jesus had a lot of people following him. They listened to him talk and he even gave them food to eat. After he was done, he told his friends, the disciples, to go on a boat to the other side of the sea, in Bethsaida, while he went up on a mountain to pray.

Later that evening, his friends were in a boat on the sea and Jesus was alone on land. The wind was very strong, making it hard for the disciples to move the boat. Jesus saw them struggling and decided to walk on the water to get to them. When the disciples saw Jesus walking on the water, they thought it was a ghost and were very scared.

But Jesus talked to them and said, “Don’t be afraid! It’s me, Jesus!” Then he got into the boat with them and the wind stopped blowing. The disciples were amazed that Jesus could walk on water and make the wind stop. They didn’t really understand what had just happened. They still had a lot to learn about who Jesus was and what he could do.

Biblical Lessons

  • Jesus has power over nature and can do things that we can’t even imagine.
  • We should trust Jesus even when we’re scared or things seem impossible.
  • Jesus is always with us, even in the midst of our struggles and difficulties.
  • We should not let fear or doubt stop us from trusting in Jesus and following him.
  • Sometimes, we don’t understand what Jesus is doing, but we can still trust that he has a plan and a purpose for our lives.

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